David Beckham wedding vows renewed,net worth and kids.

David Beckham wedding vows renewed,net worth and kids.

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The famous David Beckham wedding 18 years ago to Spice girl,Victoria Adams,seemed only like yesterday not ages ago.The couple recently renewed their wedding vows in a secret ceremony held at home.

The 41 year old ex Manchester United and Real Madrid football star, admitted he and his 42 year old wife have suffered a number of problems since their marriage in 1999 and that despite having four kids what keeps them together is the love they both have for each other, hence their decision to do it all over again and re declare their love and devotion to each other.

When asked if they are staying together to protect the brand,Golden Balls as he is called by Victoria,denied that,saying they are together cos they love each other and have 4 amazing children.
The Beckham family net worth is a staggering $770 Million!He makes his money from his football empire and many commercial deals.Posh Spice on the other hand makes her money from her fashion empire.
Speaking to  BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs show, the once most famous face in world soccer said: "We did throw a lot at it *the first wedding). We have renewed our vows since then and it was a lot more private, there was about six people there in our house."

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"Of course you make mistakes over the years, we all know marriage is difficult at times and it's about working through it.
"Whenever we've come up against tough times, we know each other better than anybody knows us so we talk."

The David Beckham family is made up of kids Brooklyn,Romeo,Cruz and the only girl Harper who is also the last born.

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