Leaked Boxer Amir Khan tape with model on skype!

We have the sensational leaked skype tape of boxing champion Amir Khan that was a recorded on skype with a  model.(SEE LINK BELOW)The s ex video was recorded sometime in 2013,just a few weeks after he married his wife Faryal Makhdoom.The muslim athlete has now joined the list of celebrities who have had their private lives catch up with them in a way they would not have chosen.
This being a family forum will not permit me to go into the details of what Amir was doing in the footages seen.But you can safely say they are of the XX rated nature.The boxer has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons.His wife Faryal has been involved in a fight
with his parents.The fight put so much strain and stress on him,so much that he announced on social media that if the fight does not stop ,they could be losing a husband and a son.
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There has been rumours for quite a while that this footage exists,but since nothing came up,no one took it seriously,till it now showed up on a US site.
The model on the tape was said to have been American woman from Arizone who had an affair with Khan in 2010.The only saving grace for the ex world champion is the fact that his wife is said to be standing by her man.She described the skype leak as disgusting.On the other hand,there is bad news.The bad news is that,there reportedly is 3 more of this items being offered to websites for sale.

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