Pics of men arrested in Kim Kardashian paris robbery

Pics of men arrested in Kim Kardashian paris robbery

The Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris has resulted in the arrest of 17 people by the French police.Seen in this report are pictures of some of the men. Three other suspects are women. Two of the suspects are diamond dealers.

Police believe the women were used by the group to tail Kim K around Paris in the days before the jewelry heist. French police said they tapped phones and were able to nab those they allegedly involved.A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office, said the arrests were made Monday morning in Paris and the surrounding region, and in southern France,

notably in Grasse, a center of perfume production near Nice.

The oldest of those arrested was 72 and that several of the others were in their 40s, 50s and 60s, which suggested that they were part of an “experienced” group.

If you remember,the robbery which rocked the world and led to Kim reducing her social media activities,took place in the early hours of Oct. 3,when five men wearing balaclavas burst into  the residence where she was staying.They then proceeded to tie her up and robbed her at gunpoint of jewelry worth at least $9 million.

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The robbers were tracked and arrested by  investigators using DNA found at the crime scene and security camera footage.Luc Poignant, a spokesman for a police union, said that officers had used that information to set up a surveillance operation that had uncovered a wider criminal network.In these kinds of networks, Mr. Poignant said, “You have the robbers, and then the one who is going to sell off the goods, the one who puts people in touch, the stone cutter, etc.”“It didn’t take a lot of time,” he said of the investigation. “It took three months, and three months in this kind of investigation is quite short.”Under French law, the suspects arrested on Monday can be held for questioning for up to four days, before being released or charged.

The famous reality show star and wife of Kanye West said she was really scared by the incident and believed they were going to shoot and in the back.That kind of experience must be really traumatic for anyone and i am sure their arrest and hopefully conviction will go a long way in helping her heal.

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