President Buhari death:is he dead or alive?

President Buhari death:is he dead or alive?

The latest news in Nigeria,shockingly woke up citizens with the headlines Buhari dead!Before you knew it,whatsapp messages as well as Facebook headlines and phone calls were rampantly exchanged among worried citizens both at home and in diaspora.
But who wants the president dead?How did this nasty rumour of  President Buhari death that never was fill the airwaves?
Was this the work of his rivals,APC's so called ememies,or what is a genuine mistake?Did something actually happen that left his medical team in a panic with them genuinely believing the had lost the president?These are some of the questions burning in the heads of most Nigerians.

The team of Naija's number one citizen did not help either.I think in this day and age,technology is
too advanced not to have better ways to quell the rumours an reassure Nigerians.Having a picture released with the No 1 citizen watching Tv and accompanying it with a message that he is hale and hearty is simply not good enough.That picture could have been taken at anytime.
The sensible thing to have done to allay the fears of Nigerians would have been a little 1 minute message from the man himself,saying hi Nigerians,as you can see ,i am well and alive,i shall see you all soon Insha Allah.
Now that did not take too long did it?He doesn't even have to talk if he doesn't.We could have seen him in the background with somebody else doing the talking,saying something like,as you can see folks,the rumours are not true.

What we don't need is childish jibes by members of his team coming up with some of the things we have read.“The report is hogwash,” was the comment from his special adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina.He further went on his twitter handle to write:“Best wishes to all who wish PMB well. As for those who carry evil rumours, may they receive grace to repent,” he said.
His Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu,did not do any better with his jibe at another ex leader,Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,when he tweeted,“He is alive and well. PMB is not magical. He cannot be holidaying in the UK and be in Germany, at the same time.
“He is unlike a past leader, who was at Ota with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and attending the Trump inauguration in DC, being in two places at the same time.”
We don't need all this like i said.This is not a high school feud.We are talking about a country here,arguably the most important nation in the whole of Africa!

Buhari had gone to the UK,for a short medical break or check up as we had been told previously.Ever since he came into power,there has been worries from some quarters complaining that he does not look healthy and looks frail.I remember a certain powerful rival or leader in the South West,actually taking out an adverts in national dailies,addressing his health and saying he had a serious ailment.
Some pictures of the leader,where he has looked frail and ill ,have also not helped.But this is a naturally very slim man,so if he has a little problem,it will be easier on the eye,than someone who had so much flesh to start with.
Everybody gets ill occasionally,loses weight,and puts it back on,it does not mean they are dying does it?

But on the other hand,you can see the concern and anxiety of the people.After the debacle Nigerians went through with the former leader,President Yar Adua,we don't need need another uncertainty with the country being kept in a limbo.The No 1 citizen of the country owes it to the nation to let us know about his every step and move.Especially when it comes to the questions of his health and availability.Once you decide to rule the nation and take up the mantle,you belong to the people and the country,who ever does not feel he or she can make this commitment,has no business ruling the country or putting himself forward.

I feel sorry for the president,because he has a family and no one wants to wake up reading news of Buhari dead,the man is human,he is a husband,father and brother too.If the news also was intentionally leaked to cause chaos,those who did so should be ashamed of themselves,what kind of person wakes up and wishes the other person that?

The quest for power does really corrupt and intoxicate.

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