Danny Dyer suspended from eastenders after drunk nta speech disaster!

Danny Dyer suspended from eastenders after drunk nta speech disaster!

Here’s looking at you . . . Danny Dyer with beer and fag after a showbiz bash

The headline Danny Dyer leaving eastender,did not come as a shock to many.We have seen all sorts of headlines lately regarding the actor getting sacked,being an alcoholic,getting suspended or simply taking a break.
I don't remember the last time anybody from the show got such headlines.
The Danny Dyer NTA speech did not help things either.
Now we hear he has been forced to ­suddenly quit the soap to “sort his life out”.
The party animal actor — Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter in the BBC series — has stopped filming
after talks with show bosses.
The 39yr old, is expected to be off work for a number of weeks, say insiders.They were especially concerned about his behaviour at the National Television Awards, where he fell off the wagon after an attempt to quit alcohol at the start of the year.Fans have been worried with searches such as "is Danny Dyer leaving eastenders"?
An insider on the show said: “The producers are concerned about him for a number of reasons.
“It was clear to onlookers he appeared very drunk at the NTAs. It is best that he takes some time out to sort his life out. He appears to be exhausted.
“As a result, Danny is not filming on the show at all. There is an enforced break that is expected to last a number of weeks.
Well known drinker . . . Danny on Saturday Kitchen swigging from glass of wine

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“At the end of the day, he remains the biggest star of the show — so everyone is determined to get him back to his best.”

His departure is a major concern for Enders producers as he is central to storylines on the show, filmed about six weeks in advance.
The Walford insider said: “Having him off is a total nightmare — it causes total chaos for both the writers and producers.
“The storylines are worked out months in advance and no one was expecting him to be off. A lot of scripts had to be torn up and it’s caused a lot of be­hind-the-scenes chaos.
“It’s all anyone is talking about on set.”
Dyer, who makes £400,000 a year and has a contract until October, admitted to The Sun newspaper he was back on booze backstage at the NTAs last month.
Carrying a glass of beer, he said: “The beginning of the year is a month ago now.
“I mean, I did try to give up drinking but — as you can see — I’m now sucking on a lager.”
Last year he was involved in an embarrassing public fight at the V Festival with friends of reality star Mark Wright.
The actor was kicked in the head in front of his daughter and left with a black eye after he claimed he was “jumped” by Mark’s friends at the event in Chelmsford, Essex.
He joined EastEnders in 2013, and wed wife Joanne Mas, 40, last year after she proposed to him.
The couple were 19 when they had their first daughter, Dani, now 19.
They have another daughter, Sunnie, eight, and son Arty, two.

Last night an EastEnders spokeswoman declined to comment but today they said: ""Danny is on a short break from EastEnders. This was not enforced by bosses nor has he quit the show.
We wish him well and hope he can get his life in order pretty soon.It will be a shame to throw it all away and end up like many who couldn't cope with stardom.
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