How Seun Egbegbe robbed Mallam of $9,000(video and pictures)

How Seun Egbegbe robbed Mallam of $9,000(video and pictures)

seun egbegbe arrested again after robbing mallam of $9,000

The latest Seun Egbegbe video of him at a police station after being arrested for trying to scam and defraud a Mallam of thousands of dollars,has got Nigerians wondering if the man is cursed.But i say he is not cursed,he simply is a criminal and a thief!
Barely a few months after his shocking scandal at the computer village in Ikeja,when the same Egbegbe was accused of stealing iphones,he has been engulfed in another criminal case.The iphone matter has not even been resolved yet and then this.
Toyin Aimakhu,his ex actress girlfriend must be thanking her lucky stars that she got out of this
mess.Imagine if she was still his girlfriend what this could do to her career?

His latest arrest and pictures as well as video supports the latest drama.It is alleged the filmmaker, disguised as a doctor, attempted to defraud a Bureau de Change operator of hard currency of an amount above N6 million.That in itself is funny.Disguised as a doctor.The guy can't even spell his own name less speak English,and he wants to be a doctor,hahahahaha. Confirming the report, the Lagos State Police Command has issued a statement signed by the Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus.

“Today (yesterday) at about 1p.m., one Seun Karim, a.k.a. Egbegbe, and one Ayo Oyekan, disguised as the MD of Gbagada General Hospital and the other as a patient. “They lured one Alhaji Isa Adamu and Abdullahi Haruna, both Bureau de Change members, from different locations, that they needed US9,000 dollars and £3,000 pounds. “The unsuspecting victims brought same to the suspects at the hospital, where they collected the said amount and attempted to escape with the money. “The victims raised alarm and subsequently the suspects were arrested by the policemen attached to the hospital. “Further to the arrest of the fraudsters, many members of the bureau de change are trooping to the office with similar complaint against the suspects.”

I hope he is quickly taken to court and locked away for a long time.This obviously is not his first ,second or third time.This is what he does for a living and i am sure there are many who have been victims but are too scared to come forward,because he does have a bunch of thugs who protect him.

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