Kylie Minogue split from boyfriend Joshua Sasse for cheating

Kylie Minogue split from boyfriend Joshua Sasse for cheating

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse

Australian song superstar Kylie Minogue break up with her British actor boyfriend fiancé Joshua Sasse,is the latest heart break for the unlucky in love star who just can't seem to get it right with love.
Ironically,the singer had her breakthrough hit with a song called i should be so lucky in love.Well,things ain't quite working out that way.

She reportedly dumped her actor fiance cos she suspect he was seeing Spanish co star,Marta Milans.

It is not surprising the latest happening bearing in mid the age difference between the couple.She is
48 while he is 29.They don't usually end up well do they?Especially when the guy is the younger one.
At the beginning of the relationship ,she was upset that her boyfriend was called a toyboy.But hey ,what do you expect?You are a star dating a much younger guy,the tabloids are gonna sell their papers and magazines,they are gonna come up with that headline.It so obvious.

Anyway,after her suspecting he has been cheating with the Spaniard actress,she is said to have kicked him out of her London home.

She confirmed the split with an emotional post on instagram,thanking her fans for their love and support.

As one would expect,she is said to be totally heartbroken about the break up.I guess she can't get him out of her head,sorry,couldn't resist that.

“She really believed he was The One. But she no longer trusts him.”said a source.
Joshua is said to have bonded with Marta while filming US TV drama No Tomorrow last year in Vancouver, Canada.
Marta Milans
Spanish beauty and actress Marta Milans who is thought to be having an affair with Joshua Sasse.
A source who worked on the show, which has since been axed, revealed: “It is well known that they had been close for a number of months.”
Kylie is said to have had a series of rows with Joshua before travelling to Paris Fashion Week two weeks ago with her best pal, photographer Katerina Jebb.
When she returned, the Aussie superstar — who has had several famous lovers — asked him to leave her West London home.
He has now moved back to his family’s farm house in Leominster, ­Herefordshire after the split.
Our source explained: “It was in Paris that she became suspicious and returned to London to confront Joshua.
“She immediately asked him to leave her home, which he had moved into at the start of the relationship.”
On Saturday i Can't get you out of my head singer was seen for the first time without her engagement ring — a huge Art Deco-inspired sparkler.
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