Neil Fingleton cause of death question from fans

Neil Fingleton cause of death question from fans

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The sad news of game of thrones actor and basket baller known as the tallest man in Britain, has left fans wondering how did Neil Fingleton die
The star known as the gentle giant apparently died from heart failure.It is a rather strange co incidence as another actor,Bill Paxton's cause of death too was heart related,be it from surgery in his case.They both passed on on the 25th of February.
Fingleton was known as the tallest man in Britain.He stood at 7ft 7 inches tall.
He also starred in X men first class among other films.Some remember him from Dr Who.

Neil Fingleton playing basketball 

Tributes have been coming in from all corners for the former basketballer who played the Fisher King in Doctor who.
Among those paying tribute to Fingleton were,Matthew Rose who said he was "extremely sadden to learn that he has passed away, thoughts go with his family and friends in this sad time"

Speaking about how he played the character of Mag the Mighty, he explained: "To create the costume, I had to have a full body cast. Picture your arm, if your arm was in a plaster cast? Well, what they do is encase you from head to toe in plaster, so they can get the exact shape of your body, and make a costume to fit it. The costume itself was quite heavy.

He became  Britain's Tallest man in 2007 passing the height of Chris Greener.He started off in basketball in the USA before becoming a actor and starring in the X-men first class and also recently in the Game of Thrones.

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