The historical plane Ojukwu fled Biafra with during the Nigerian civil war

the aeroplane aircraft Odumegwu Ojukwu fled Nigeria and escaped to Ivory coast with during Nigeria civil war

Why did Ojukwu flee Biafra? Is a question often asked by historians when discussing the Nigerian civil war.But we are putting that aside today and instead bringing you the historical plane the war leader Ojukwu fled Biafra with when he saw that the victory he fought hard for had slipped away.

Nigerian Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, is pictured with the air craft the Igbo war leader escaped in to Ivory coast after the civil war. Advising the government to preserve the historical artefact, Murray Bruce said: "Nigeria can do better by fixing this plane and sending
it to a museum."

Well,it is a known fact that we have no maintenance culture in the country,so i won't hold my breath even though it's a brilliant idea and suggestion by Senator Bruce.

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