Drinking in Nigeria:How to do it responsibly.

Drinking in Nigeria:How to do it responsibly.

You’re probably used to seeing the the term “drink responsibly” at the end of every alcohol commercial or social post. You are advised not to drink and drive and are told that you have to be above 18 to be allowed to order alcoholic drinks from the bar.

But that doesn’t really teach you how to drink responsibly now, does it?

So let’s break it down, because you see, drinking responsibly is a process and also a skill that every smart and responsible person should possess.

1.         Don’t drink alone
Have you noticed that most times when people drink alone at bars in Nollywood movies, it’s probably ‘cause they are dealing with serious issues?
Don’t be that guy.
No matter what the situation is, get a grip of yourself and your life.
If you want go out drinking, go with your buddies who you know have your back and would look out for you if you go missing for even 5 minutes.

2.         Know your limit
Everyone has a limit. There are men who can have over 10 servings of Campari and still feel unshaken. If you’re lightweight and you know it, do not pass your boundary.
Do some mathematics before you get to the bar...

If 5 Campari cocktails + 1 straight shot of Campari = Tipsy Mode
2 Campari cocktails + 1 straight shot of Campari = Feel Good Mode

Final answer.

3.          Drink Slowly
Yes, time waits for no man but go easy on gulping down drinks. The trick to having a great time at the bar is to sip easy while also discussing different topics with your buddies and having a good laugh. It’s also very economical.
You wouldn’t have to pay so much for drinks if you drank slowly.

4.         Know how you’re getting home
It’s best you know how you’re getting home before you even go out. If you’re driving your friends, ensure you have enough fuel in your car before heading out for drinks. Also, whoever is driving must forgo drinking more “juice” in order to get everyone home safe.
If you’ve got no car, ensure you have money in your account or cash at hand for an Uber or Taxify ride. Also, it’s best to have a cabman’s number on speed dial.

5.         Don’t drink if you’re under-aged
The legal drinking and purchase age in Nigeria is 18. Simple and short.
With these few points of ours, we hope we’ve been able to convince and not confuse you. Have a great weekend!
Culled from @CampariNigeria
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