Oge Okoye instagram shame as she steals dogs picture

Oge Okoye instagram shame as she steals dogs picture

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The Oge Okoye dog photo scandal,has rocked the Naija airwaves.Why do people embarrass their selves like this?Why would Oge Okoye go on instagram and disgrace herself in such a way?
In case you missed the story,The Nollywood actress posted a picture of dogs belonging to American actress Kenya Moore.She then claimed they were hers and have just arrived.From where ,only God knows,maybe from imaginary land.
People should know now a days that you can't go about stealing peoples pictures online,especially if
the owner of the pictures or the person who stole the picture is famous.
You will be found out.It is pretty embarrassing that she will stoop so low in a bid to present such a false life.Sad.
She has since deleted the picture,imagine that?

The Nigerian actress was born in London,now i even find that information dodgy.How can you now believe a woman who has told such a blatant lie?Maybe she was born in Umuahia.Wherever you are born does not determine what you become or your substance.Be proud of where ever you are from.

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with daughter Crystal.

Her ex husband is Stanley Duru.They got married in 2005,however they got divorced a few years later in 2012 and she has since not remarried.She has a daughter named Crystal.She graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a degree in Theatre Arts.Oge Okoye age is 36.She was born on the 16th of November 1980.

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