The Paige Xavier Woods leaked photos and video that caused a meltdown!

WWE wrestler Paige releases a statement on Twitter

Sensational news in the wrestling world as WWE Paige leaked photos flooded the internet.
It has now become a phenomenon to constantly embarrass celebrities by making their nude personal properties public.
The hacked images of Paige Xavier Woods,were said to have been released without the consent of the wrestler ,obviously.
But why do they keep indulging them?Why even have these images on your phone and computers when you know there is a 80% chance it will get into the wrong hands?Are they begging to be stolen and leaked?I won't put nothing past some of these celebs.They are desperate and will do anything for fame or remain relevant.

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Afterall it worked for Kim Kardashian,Pamela Anderson and a few others.
As you can imagine,twitter has been going crazy with all sorts of meme and funny captions to mark the incident.
But there has also been a lot of support,for example the hashtag  #IstandwithPaige.
It remains to be seen how this will affect her career with the WWE.

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