How Danielle Lloyd went live on Loose women to find out gender of child

Danielle lloyd children

Danielle Lloyd loose women appearance to find out the gender of her baby live on Tv,is the latest happening to highlight how everyone has gone crazy in this celebrity/reality shows what nots.People will stop at nothing to get that rush of fame and celebrity,and this especially includes those on the threadmill already like Danielle.
She apparently was shocked and delighted to learn that she and fiancé Michael O'Niell were expecting a baby boy on Friday.
And it's little surprise that she was slightly taken aback by the news the couple were going
to have a son, as the former WAG (who was still thrilled with the revelation) has been quite vocal about her desire for a daughter.
Having had three sons with her ex-husband Jamie O'Hara , she admitted that she wasn't sure she could "cope" with another boy.
Sitting down with Closer Magazine last September, months before she and Micheal announced her pregnancy, she admitted that she was desperate for a daughter.
"I bloody better get my girl!" she exclaimed, before adding: "I went to see a psychic recently and she said it would be a girl, so we're thrilled. I can't cope with another boy."
And it seems that Danielle's brood were just as ken for their mother to give them a sister, as she explained:
"I already feel sorry for her because she'll have three crazy brothers. They keep saying to me: 'Mummy, mummy, when are we having a little sister?"
She has certainly had her hands full, raising three football mad lads.
She and her ex Jamie, who has played for the likes of Fulham and Wolves, share Archie, six, Harry, five, and three-year-old George.
"I bloody better get my girl!" she told Closer in September: "I went to see a psychic recently and she said it would be a girl, so we're thrilled. I can't cope with another boy" 
And in a slightly surreal twist to her pregnancy, Danielle chose to go on Loose Women to find out the sex of her baby, on Friday.
Having announced she and Michael were expecting their first child in February, she volunteered to get a scan whilst on the live ITV show.
Leaning back as a nurse scanned her belly, Danielle looked excited - if somewhat shocked - as the sex was revealed, before Nadia Sawalha handed her a blue balloon.
With a laughing Danielle nervously enthusing: "I'm so happy! I'm going to be overrun with boys!"
What else is she gonna say?And how is that boy gonna feel when he grows up and sees that his mum went on national Tv hoping for a girl?
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