How to get an E-Million Dollar Business

How to get an E-Million Dollar Business

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Most fortunes are made online these days, predominantly in the fields of apps and games development and social media.
Whilst everyone is not in the league – or have the resources – to develop the next Pokemon Go! Or Call of Duty games simple games have been developed by individuals that have gone on to be worldwide successes such as Angry Birds. A look around the Google or iTunes stores will show how many of these individual-created games are growing in popularity.
Without a doubt to create a game you will need coding skills. These can either be learnt online, in colleges or if you’re unsure of yourself you can farm it out to the professionals. Coding skills or not you still need a blueprint for how your game will work. To do this requires the old-fashion technique of writing things down on a piece of paper. Your
scribbling without any doubt will be about what the game is all about, how it’s played and the rules and regulations. Once done comes the task of translating it into computer code. If you can’t do it yourself then get a professional to do it. Uploading it to Google or iTunes apps store is easy – just follow the prompts.

Marketing. Just like with any other business you need to advertise your new game or it will just sit there in the store unsold. There are lots of websites and blogs out there that promote new games. Some do it for free and some may charge a nominal fee. Google ‘new game promoters’ to pull up a more comprehensive list of potential markets.
In our modern day and age we can’t live without the computer applications, or apps, on our smartphones or tablets. We use them for everything from booking fight tickets to ordering takeaway meals. And more and more apps are coming on to the market everyday – some are absolutely useless and others we can’t live without.
Even though there are millions of apps out there there’s still room for lots more. For instance has anyone come up with an app warning people about where armed robbery or carjacking hotspots are in Lagos?  Or an app to let you know where to buy petrol when there’s a scarcity? Or an app that lets you stream new local music content? These are simple ideas that can be turned into profitable ventures. Don’t worry if you can’t code for there are people out there that can turn your raw idea around into a professional program. You just need an original idea and there are lots of help online on how to take it further.
The most profitable and simple online venture that people use to make money online these days is blogs. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or computer programmer to run a blog. It’s so easy to run that most 10-year olds have them.
In Nigeria today there are thousands of blogs: some have a few subscribers while others, such as Naijagists and Linda Ikeji, have a subscriber base that runs into hundreds of thousands.
The commercial success of a blog depends on the traffic it receives. The more people visiting your blog, the more click-thrus and advertising revenue you can earn. Now, not everybody can be in the same league as Queen Linda Ikeji whose blog receives hundreds of thousands of visits per month but you can take steps to increase your subscriber base.
Why do so many blogs fail to earn their bloggers any money? The answer is simply two words – Boring Content!
If your blog is boring nobody is going to read it. It needs to be lively, full of the latest gossip, information or news (-depending on your preferences or speciality). It’s got to be full of stuff people can’t read elsewhere – and please no stale or third-hand news or gossip lifted from another blog!

Be first with the best. Be original and you’ll be surprised how your subscriber base will grow by word of mouth (I found out about Linda Ikeji’s blog from a friend!) even before you hit the promotion trail. Look up the top 10 blogs in Nigeria and study the format that makes them so successful. If possible copy it! (- but don’t plagiarize!)
Are you good in front of the camera? Good at singing, giving advice or just good at making a fool of yourself? Then why not give vlogging a go. Vlogging is just the making of a video of what you get up to and posting it on the web (WARNING – No adult or X-rated content please!)
Setting up a channel on YouTube is easy and free (- so easy kids are doing it!) and all you have to do is upload your videos. YouTube, who generate income from advertising, will pay you depending on the number of visitors you receive to your site. Some accomplished vloogers such as Zoe Sugg, Zoella the fashion and beauty vlogger, are earning in excess of $50,000 per month. Again you need to find your own niche – and get a good digital camcorder and someone who knows how to operate it and edit videos! Check out the top vloggers and learn from them.
Again all these ventures whether it be games or apps development, blogging and vlogging, if you don’t market them you are going to earn nada!

Social media has made life easier when it comes to marketing. Google, Facebook and Twitter all have marketing plans designed for the individual that won’t break the bank and can reach a wide worldwide audience. Again there is word of mouth – tell a few friends who’ll hopefully tell their friends and keep spreading the word till you’ve built up a considerable subscriber or client base. There are also lots of trade websites that offer advert placement worldwide, banner creation and exchange and simple affordable marketing services.
You may not grow as big as Facebook, Google, Snapchat or Twitter – but yet again you may!
Get to work on your ideas: spruce them up, get them refined and get out there and market them.
As always I can only wish you the very best in your endeavours to establish your own very e-million dollar business.
By Tony Ogunlowo
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