The messy Davido arrest after Tagbo death as well as Caroline Danjuma's part.

The messy Davido arrest after Tagbo death as well as Caroline Danjuma's part.

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You must have all heard about the Tagbo Umeike death and Davido's subsequent arrest following police investigations.Well,he was not arrested per say,he was instead invited for questioning.But reading between the lines of the police statement,they might as well have said the Omo Baba Olowo singer and crooner of such hits as If,Gobe,Fall on You,Aye and Dami Duro to mention a few,was a murder suspect.
Now for those of you who don't quite know the gist,this is what happened.Tagbo a friend of Davido was said to have been dumped at the front of the Island Maternity hospital Lagos.He was then later reported dead.As of the time of this announcement,there was no official report of how he was brought to the hospital.

But Caroline Danjuma,who has admitted to being the girl friend of the deceased,blew the whistle on social media that Davido and his crew had been with Tagbo celebrating his birthday earlier on that day.She also reported that during the celebration that day,he had downed 30 shots of Tequila after a bet with his friends.
They then wanted to go to a night club on the Island,the deceased wanted to drive,but his musician friend realising the state that he was in,refused to let him drive.
Now according to Danjuma who is said to have had a daughter for the dead celebrity,when they got to the club,he was locked in the car all by himself and that could have been how he died from suffocation before being driven to the hospital by the singer and his friends and dumped there,allegedly.
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Of cos,as would be expected,the Nigerian and African super star,David Adeleke,denied this,he said out of respect for his dead friend's family,he would say nothing for now.
But he denied knowing anything that led to the passing of his friend.
Now fast forward to the 11th of October Wednesday,the social media and news sites was set ablaze,when the police released a statement that David was being questioned after lying about not knowing how his friend got to the hospital.They said CCTV taken from the hospital had shown the deceased being dumped after being dead at the hospital.The car which had driven him there was then traced to the house of the singer from the registration details.Not only this,the police then gave the full address of the house.This by itself is out of order,how can you give out the full address of a celebrity in such a high profile case?What if some people go over there and attack him?

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Caroline Danjuma who is rumoured to have had a baby for Tagbo.

Not only that,they then said he had lied to them because the people driving the car were his friends and lived with him.But since when has one adult taken the rap for another adult?
Does living in the same house with a suspect automatically make you a suspect too?How are they sure David knew about the journey to the hospital?
Nigeria is the only country that i know ,where they go to a house to arrest a suspect and arrest the suspects mother cos they suspect was not home.We have heard several occasions where a whole family has been arrested and locked up because they couldn't find the suspect.
This is ridiculous and embarrassing to still be happening in 2017.
Davido may very well know about this whole saga,but the police were irresponsible announcing certain details before thorough investigations.
The singer could very well be a prisoner of his own fame.If he wasn't famous,this whole thing might just have been approached in a different manner.

He is currently having a tough time.Just a few days after the death of Tagbo,two more friends of his were also found dead in their car,the two friends,Dj Olu and Chime were rumoured to have taken some power drugs that led to their death.No confirmation of this yet.But i can imagine the sorrow that must fill the heart of the young man now.Losing 3 friends in the space of a week,with people thinking you might be somehow linked to them all will be tough for anybody.

I hope guilty or not,this is a turning point for the young singer and he re evaluates his life and chooses those he moves with carefully.You can lose it all in a crazy second,your life and your career.
God bless the dead.

Written by Wale Morads for Naija Blog Queen Olofofo
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