Aretha Franklin father,children,husbands,weight and biography

Aretha franklin died and networth

Aretha Franklin dead was a news that left the entertainment world with a huge loss and sense of sadness.Details of her weight,father and children quickly became a thing of interests for millions of curious fans all over the world.By the way all of that is covered in this insightful video into her life.
The singe had been battling an aggressive cancer for a while before she finally succumbed.
Aretha had a tough upbringing.Her mother left home when she was only 4 years old and she became a mother herself at the tender age of 12! Twelve! I find that incredible,she was only a child herself.And incredibly she went on to have another at the age of 14!
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Yet with all these,this amazing lady went on to be the undisputed queen of soul,touching the world with her music and also playing a big role in the civil rights movement,with her classic and iconic song,Respect,which had been earlier released by another great,Otis Redding.
Sit back and watch this video and discover more incredible facts about the queen of soul,plus pictures of her father,mother,sons and the man she was engaged to for 30 years but never married.By the way she had been married 2ce previously.
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You will also learn about the men she got married to plus seeing their pictures in the video.

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