Bobrisky boyfriend picture shocks Nigerians

Bobrisky boyfriend picture as shared by the Nigerian transgender gay celebrity

Borisky's boyfriend has finally been unveiled to Nigerians.The controversial transgender took to social media to show of his boyfriend on instagram.
Bobrisky thanked him for standing by her or him(i'm sorry about this,but i get really confused on how to address the star)despite
It looks like Borisky's boyfriend is rich(not surpising as he has always expressed how boo buys this and that for him).He poses in front of a Bentley car and an expensive looking house.
Judging from the picture,it also seems he lives in America.

Picture of bobrisky boyfriend and boo

His face is not totally exposed,he says he did this cos of hungry Lions,hahahhahah,but i guess those who know him will be able to identify him
Rest assured, this will be the talk of this weekend among Naija people,lol.

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