Alaafin Oyo wife,KWAM1,Esabod,Pasuma daughter

Alaafin Oyo wife,KWAM1,Esabod,Pasuma daughter

Real story update of Alaafin of Oyo sends wife Olori Badirat Ajoke Adeyemi packing over KWAM1 alleged affair instigated by Esabod the blogger,the rumour also roped in Pasuma's daughter.
But is this the true story?The rumour all over the internet is how the Iku Babayeye paramount ruler kicked out his youngest Olori Badirat because of her adultery with
King Wasiu Ayinde the ultimate.

But sources now say thisbis not true as the real story involves jealousy and rivalry.
The Olori and one of the other queens,Olori Omoh were said to have been best friends.
But they had a fall out and all the other queens took Omoh's side.
Things finallt came to a head when the Oba took all the other young wives on a foreign trip for medical check up  but left Ajoke behind.
He then instructed the palace guards not to let her leave while he was away.But the Olori had somehow found a way to get her belongings out of the palace bit by bit.

During the Nigerian covid 19 lockdown currently going on,the Oba was said to have gave instructions that no outsiders should stay overnight in the palace.
Badirat Ajoke broke this rule and the Oba sent for her.He gave her the option to ask her friend to leave or he sends them both packing!
She took the last ootiin as she had been looking for reasons to leave.And so she left the palace.
Wasiu ayinde and pasuma daughter

Alaafin of oyo send wife olori badirat adejoke adeyemi packing over affair with kwam1 king ayinde wasiu marshall the ultimate,the story was started by esabod

Kwam1 olori badirat adejoke adeyemi esabod alaafin of oyo affair that sent her packing from the palace

Now,Wasiu has reacted in his own unique way.He posted a video on his page singing aboyt haters who are trying to brinh him diwn,but will nit succeed.
He also pleaded to his fans and followers not to rise to the bait but ignore the rumours and the haters.
Esabod on the other hand,has not said anything recent since she started the accusations.
How did Pasuma's daughter come into his picture?Well,a rumour has been going round a while ago that the Oluaye of Fuji had an affair with the young girl who is the child of Wasiu who was close to Wasiu.
They then opined if he can do that to Pasuma,he can do it with anybody,thereby saying he was guilty of being with Badirat as well.
This is not over by a long shot....
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