Americans react to fire Fauci tweet by Trump

Americans react to fire Fauci tweet by Trump

Trump retweets sack Fauci tweet

The fire Fauci retweet by President Trump after it had been suggested he sack Anthony by an overzealous citizen has got Americans talking.
Most of them seem not to be in agreement of the Dr losing his job and frankly fears what might happen if this comes to pass.
We all know the story of how Dr Anthony
Fauci had blamed the No 1 man in the country for not acting swiftly with the covid 19 threat.
He reckons if only he had heeded to advise of social diatancing as far back as February,the country won't be in a state where it is now held to ransom by coronvirus.
As usual,the President is never wrong and his endorsement of that tweet suggests he wants Fauci sacked!
Here's what the people think about the Trump Fauci fiasco.

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