Boys will be boys-poem

Boys will be boys-poem

A poem about boys

Let's dance around the bonfire with liquor and a blunt in our hands,
Sing along to our favourite songs as we merry away the night to some blissful moment.
Let's talk about our current crush and lovers,
Smile at each other's flaws and escapades,

Let's be who we're meant to be–
Because boys will be boys.

Let's not hoard our feelings,
Build our emotions up like a wall till there's no brick left to build.
Let's not follow the guidelines of men who have long since been dead.
Yes, boys will be boys
But only on our own terms.

Let's respect the ladies and not look down upon them as weaklings.
Let's be whomever we want to be,
Live however we want to live
Because at the end of it all, it's our lives.
Boys will be boys but with wisdom.

Let's cry when sad,
Speak up when hurt or have an opinion,
We're to be men; future fathers, brothers and lovers.
We have a role to play in shaping the world,
Let's train the young boys to be human and not rocks.
Let's learn to depend on people and be depended upon.
Boys will always be boys but remember we're also human.
© Adeyinka A. Ayomitide (Ayusco)
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