Colour wheel-a poem about life

Colour wheel-a poem about life

Colour wheel a poem about life

They said life is like a colour wheel
Rolling different shades to your path
And you're left with no option
But to accept that colour
However dark or light it is
You're only allowed to resign to fate.

Blessings come in disguise
Maybe all wrapped up like gifts.

Maybe if we were fortunate enough

To get a glimpse of the gifts before it is handed to us
Or if we were allowed to roll the wheels ourselves
Would we have known what fate had in store for us.

I got a beautiful package,
A confectionery I've always dreaded yet wanted.
A friend true like no other
One whose legs won't push me off the ladder.

Life was beautiful or so I thought
Fate threw me a fire ball of happiness
Which I caught with both hands
Going out of my way into the odds.

With burnt dreams and bridges
Fate turned its dark eyes on me.


IG: Zoe_ink5
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