Graeme Souness his medals and Paul Pogba

Graeme souness asks paul pogba to put his medals on the table

Graeme Souness and Paul Pogba medals are dominating the news cos the Manchester United player said he had never heard of the Scottish and Liverpool ex powerhouse midfielder.This might have been tongue in cheek from the French world cup winner to get back at Souness,but guess what?
If so,Souness deserves everything that comes to him!
It's been nothing short of disgraceful the way he keeps hunting Pogba with his remarks.
And no matter how many medals he has won in the past gives him the right or excuse to continually pick on Pogba the way he does.
Even when he is not on the pitch,he is constantly picked on.
There have been games when Pogba was not even at the stadium less talk of the game through injury,and yet once Souness starts
his analysing,the first name he mentions is Paul's.
Paul pogba medals and graeme souness

I am surprised he hasn't set up a tent and camp outside the Manchester United player's house.
Yes,Pogba has fulfilled his full potential at United,but is he the worst footballer in the premiership?
Because i have never heard him speak so negatively of any oyher footballer the way he constantly does about Pogba.
Now,lets get to the matter today.Paul said in an interview that he recognises Souness' face from tv,but not the name.He said he hadn't heard of him,but he then goes on to say," but they tell me he was a great player"
So that in itself is acknowledging the fact that he was a great player.
He didn't know of the guy.He grew up in France.
Football wasn't getting the coverage it does now in the days of Souness.It wasn't a global village as it is now.So it is possible he never heard of him.
Pogba plays for Manchester United,but i will bet my life he didn't know of Bryan Robson,who was one of the greated United players,until he got to the club and learnt the history.
So why should he be expected to know of Souness?He played for Liverpool not United.
I just hope Souness will be more professional in future and leave his personal feelings behind when talking about Paul.He hates everything Manchester United anyway,understandably.
Carragher being mischievous didn't help either.He saying Paul had to show respect.Should he lie if he doesn't know of Souness?Didn't he add "they tell me he was a great player"?
Souness should give respect of he wants it.The way he has gone on about Paul has been nothing short of disgraceful!
Now he can't take a little of what he has been dishing out.This is the first response from Paul after all this time,and it made poor big Souness sad...Awwww,sorry you poor thing.
Harri Best
A red devil.

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