how does the king of swaziland chooses his wives

how does the king of swaziland mswati chooses his wives

How does King Mswati III of swaziland chooses his wives?

Well,according to culture and tradition, during the annual Royal Reed Dance ceremony,he customarily selects a new wife from thousands of bare-breasted
virgins who dance for him.

The occasion lasts for a week and in that week,the King picks his bride in the festival known as the Umhlanga Annual Reed Dance.  The reed dance is a public holiday in Swaziland where tens of thousands of the prospective virgin females present newly cut reeds to the Queen Mother to protect her residence.
The dance is held at the Ludzidzini Royal Village where the girls, after undergoing a virginity test, disperse to surrounding areas to cut the tall reeds.
how does the king of swaziland chooses his wives to marry

During the ceremony, led by Swazi princesses, the girls dance, chant and colourfully celebrate in an event witnessed by locals, royalty and tourists alike.
And this is what happens every year.
The king as of 2020 has 15 wives and 23 children.Wow,such a hard life.Lucky for some.

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