Is Rejoice Iwueze married:Destined kids

Is Rejoice Iwueze married:Destined kids

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Rejoice Iwueze married:Do you remember the Destined kids?The gospel family singing group?Seems like only yesterday when they were all little singing joy joy joy, and now we are asking,is Rejoice Iwueze married?
Well,No she is not.It seems people have been confusing the sister Favour for Rejoice.It was Favour who got married not her sister.

The destined kids consisted six siblings which are Favour (The first born), Rejoice, Joshua , Best,
Caleb, and finally Wonderful Iwueze.

STATE OF ORIGIN: They are indigenes of Imo State, Owerri, Nigeria.

According to the kids, their dad used to sing to them as kids and this is where their love of Music started from.

Below are pictures from Favour's wedding.

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