North Korean leader kim jong un vegetable state death rumour memes

North Korean leader kim jong un vegetable state death rumour memes

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The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vegetable state death rumours have flooded news headlines all over the world.There has been an incredible interest to know if Kim is dead or alive.The search numbers are totally incredible with over 10 million queries.
The story so far is that some specialist Chinese doctors were flown in to operate on the dictator for a stent procedure.But the most incredible part of the news is,reports says while undergoing the operation,the surgeon was so nervous that his hands were shaking and in the process botched the op.

The Korean leader then had a heart attack which has allegedly left him in a vegetable state,leaving the whole world to wonder if he is dead or alive?

The North Korea news agencies have kept a tight lip on the situation with no updates,Do you blame them?After all the previous things we have heard Kim Un allegedly do to people.
Unsurprisingly,the net has been flooded with Kim Jong memes,here are some of the best

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