Reactions as Adunni Ade changes religion to islam

Reactions as Adunni Ade changes religion to islam

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Actress Adunni Ade religion revelation from Christianity to Islam, has caused controversy among fans.I really cannot understand why Nigerians are so obsessed about how you choose to worship or which religion you practise.
The Nollywood actress made a revelation on her instagram page that she was always asked what her religion was,but she avoided making it known publicly except for those who know her.She then went on to reveal that she had been born into a Muslim home,but converted to various sects of Christianity and now she was back to Christianity because that is what gives her peace and joy.She then answered a fan who asked what her Muslim name was,by saying,Zainab.
She also mentioned that her father always gave them a free hand in deciding which of the two they
wanted to follow,even though her mother and stepmother  were both Christians.
This is where the wahala started,comment section.So many people commenting were so predictable,if they were Christians,they wanted her to be a christian cos that was the best religion and the only way to heaven.
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If the comments came from a Muslim,they were happy she chose Islam.Some even abused her,some chose to unfollow her,why must a person believe what you believe? Don't we all have a right to our choices and how we live our lives?
Below are reactions from fans after her revelation.

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