Reactions as Buhari extends lockdown in latest speech

Reactions as Buhari extends lockdown in latest speech

Lockdown extension in nigeria

President Buhari in his latest speech extended the Nigerian lockdown in Ogun, Lagos and Federal Capital Territory by 14 more days. The news didn't go down well with the citizens who had already grown frustrated with staying at home without electricity,money for their everyday needs,and in some cases lack of security as some hoodlums
have been using the opportunity to rob and attack.
Giving the reason for the extension,he said “With this in mind and having carefully considered the briefings and Report from the Presidential Task Force and the various options offered, it has become necessary to extend the current restriction of movement in Lagos and Ogun States as well as the FCT for another 14 days effective from 11:59 pm on Monday, 13th of April, 2020. I am therefore once again asking you all to work with Government in this fight.”

Buhari latest news

Buhari extends lockdown

He further on stated that this was a serious situation that needed to be addressed by stating-
“This is not a joke. It is a matter of life and death. Mosques in Makkah and Madina have been closed. The Pope celebrated Mass on an empty St. Peter’s Square. The famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris held Easter Mass with less than 10 people. India, Italy and France are in complete lockdown. Other countries are in the process of following suit. We cannot be lax."
Going further he pleaded with his country men to adhere by the rules even yhough he knows it was difficult,he said-"The previously issued guidelines on exempted services shall remain. This is a difficult decision to take, but I am convinced that this is the right decision. The evidence is clear. The repercussions of any premature end to the lockdown action are unimaginable. We must not lose the gains achieved thus far. We must not allow a rapid increase in community transmission. We must endure a little longer.”
“Today, the cessation of movement, physical distancing measures and the prohibition of mass gatherings remain the most efficient and effective way of reducing the transmission of the coronavirus. By sustaining these measures, combined with extensive testing and contact tracing, we can take control and limit the spread of the disease,” he added.
The reaction on social media was not favourable to the president as the people are more concerned about what they are going to do for money.
The relief package by the government has been very poor and nobody seems to know who these oeople that have received packages are.
What i don't understand is,why they cant simply go from door to door to give people their food relief supply?
Instead ,they make them converge in a public place ro queue and fight for food,thereby defeating the cause of social distancing.
Below are more reactions of Nigerians to the unwelcomed news for many.
Lagos lockdown extension

President of nigeria announces corona virus lockdown extension in latest news speech today

Buhari nigeria corona virus lockdown extension

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Buhari speech today

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