The fragrance of betrayal

The fragrance of betrayal

A love poem about betrayal

The fragrance of betrayal,a poem about a broken bond.
I wrinkled my nose as his scent wrapped around the air. I had to mentally stop myself from groaning. All these while and I couldn't forget how he smelt.

I'd met Tunde when I was just 18. We'd
fallen in love so hard or at least I had. We'd share everything and he taught me more about my body than I ever cared to learn.
 I closed my eyes and tried to quiet my hormones that were threatening to burst out at the thought of the way he'd touched my body. I forced myself to remember why we'd broken up in the first place. That darn fragrance.
Turning back, I looked at both he and his wife.
"Channel nunmber 5?"  I asked

They seemed as shocked as I expected.
Tunde had cheated on our love with her. The fragrance of that betrayal on his shirts never seemed to drift from my memories.

Adeyinka Oluwademilade
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