What is death to me you ask

What is death to me you ask

A poem about death

What is death to me you ask?
It doesn't matter what form they take.
What you should ask is what is life like?
And that's not an image I like to see.

Life, is a kite I'm carrying through the wind.
I always look to be in control
Atleast at first.
Until it slips through my hands and I go
helplessly where it goes.

I'll ask you,
Have you ever flown a kite through the wind?
Watch it high up in the air and moving too fast?
Its strength, unimaginable.
It'll drag you through the muddiest of places,
Through all the bumps and still you hold on.

It'll take you through places that'll bruise.
Sometimes, it'll slow down and you'll think,
"Maybe this is it"
Until the next moment, and you're at it again.

But you don't ever let go,
You hold on fervently, even when your bones are burning,
Your nose and chest filled with liquid lava from the exhaustion.
Your fingers stiff and your toes blistering.

You hold on, 'cause you don't know how not to.
You've been through a lot so you see it as a companion.
You don't know any other thing,
So you hold on tightly to life.

But Death walks in and says,
"It's okay to let go. I'm here"

© Amy's Artistry

IG: _amysartistry
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