Facts about giant Asian murder hornets in America

what is asian giant hornet
Giant Asian murder hornets in America,has been reportedly seen.Researches are now searching for ways to stop the Asian giant hornets from making the U.S. it's home by increasing their population.
The hornets were discovered near Custer, Wash., last November when beekeeper Ted McFall found carcasses of his bees with decapitated heads,
according to an interview with The New York Times.
McFall told the Times that he could not imagine what could have killed his bees, later discovering that it was the result of a murder hornet attack.
These giant Asian hornets are bigger than your normal ones,a queen is as big as two inches long.
According to the Times, the hornets utilize their mandibles, which are shaped like spiked shark fins, to decapitate worker bees, clearing hives within hours and feeding honeybee thoraxes to their offspring.
Giant Asian murder hornets in America
The predators kill between 40 and 50 people annually in Japan – many victims suffer from allergies, but some have died from the potency of the venom alone, he said.
Rare complications can include localized necrosis, respiratory failure, kidney failure, liver damage and blood clots. 
But the more immediate danger in the United States is to an already vulnerable honeybee population. 
The hornet's venom causes unbearable pain for larger victims who are stung, which reportedly feels like hot metal being driven through one's skin. They also can break through beekeeper suits, presenting a real threat to not only honeybees but also their keepers.


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