Power drunk governor Wike must pay for hotels blunder

Power drunk governor Wike must pay for hotels blunder

images result of governor wike demolishes two hotels

Governor Wike of Rivers state demolishes two hotels.On Sunday April 10, Nyesom Wike,supervised the demolition of two hotels in the state for violating the order of the state government for hotels to remain shut as part of measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus in the state.

I find it really incredible that at a time when the whole world are worried sick about how to boost their economy due to this pandemic,and how to keep people in a job after reports that
millions have lost their jobs,a governor will demolish an outlet that employs people simply because they had people at their establishment.
Why couldn't he have locked up the place for a period of time or fine them?Why couldn't he use the hotel as an isolation centre?He demolishes it instead.I hope they sue the state government for every penny,but sadly,Nigeria at this moment is not a place you can say justice prevails.There is corruption everywhere!
governor wike demolishes two hotel for lockdown

photo of wike demolishes two hotels

rivers state governor wike destroys two hotels over coronavirus lockdown

Recall that last week, the Governor, while placing the capital city, comprising Port Harcourt and Obio-Akpo local government areas on curfew, vowed to pull down hotels operating during the lockdown and buildings opened for business. The Prodest hotel and one Edemeteh Hotel, Onne were found to have violated the lockdown order as they opened for business.

The governor stunned residents of the state this afternoon when he accompanied a bulldozer to the Prodest Hotel to pull the structure down.  The same fate befell the Edemeteh Hotel, Onne.

Governor Wike while supervising the demolition, dismissed claims that it has a political undertone. According to him, the hotel in Eleme belongs to a PDP member and so if he can demolish a property belonging to a PDP member, then the same fate can befall any other person.

''Whether you are PDP or not, what we are saying is that nobody is above the law. If we can do this to a PDP member, then you will know that we are not discriminating'' he said

Rivers state has 21 confirmed cases of the ravaging disease.

Below is Governor Wike at the hotels he demolished.

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