Why Holly Willoughby is leaving celebrity juice after 12 years

Why Holly Willoughby is leaving celebrity juice after 12 years

holly willoughby quits celebrity juice
Holly Willoughby leaves celebrity juice:Tv favourite Holly Willoughby is leaving celebrity Juice after 12 years on the ITV2 panel, according to reports.She presently appears as a team captain on the show, alongside funny man, host Keith Lemon and fellow captain Mel B. 

But a leak has suggested that the 39 year old is leaving the show.The source went on to
say. ‘She absolutely loves being on the show, she has loved it but she felt it was time now,’ they told the Mail On Sunday.

‘She wants to spend more time with her family, filming Celebrity Juice takes up an evening that she could be spending with her family. ‘She is, after all, one of the busiest women in showbiz.’
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The publication states she will make her last appearance on the panel at the end of the current series. Holly – who joined the show in 2008 – has yet to publicly address the claims. Just hours before the news emerged, Keith praised the mum-of-three on Instagram, posting an explicit clip of his pal. Alongside the video, he wrote: ‘(WARNING! don’t have the sound up! This clip Contains the F word!) Love this woman. What an incredible sport.  ‘Always willing to get her hands dirty and join in. One of the boys but all woman. A wicked sense of humour and very easy to look at. Don’t look into her eyes though, cos she can make you do anything. 
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