How Ronke Funktional died in Ibadan

How Ronke Funktional died in Ibadan

ronke funktional dies
Ronke Funktional's death,sent a shockwave round those who knew the popular and Successful Ibadan/Lagos businesswoman.Ronke was a mother-of-two kids, and was the CEO of a chain of boutiques called Funktionals. 
She allegedly slumped inside her car on Friday night in Ibadan, Oyo State. 

She was rushed to the hospital when she was found with her head resting on the steering wheel of her car. At the hospital, she was confirmed dead. From the description of her death,she almost certainly died of a heart attack.This is why people need to take their blood pressure monitoring seriously.High blood pressure is the biggest killer amongst black people.It is called the silent killer,cos it can come without warnings or symptoms.One second a person seems healthy and going by their normal business,next second they drop dead or have a heart attack that might lead to a bad stroke.
Ronke was not lucky enough this time.May her soul rest in peace.Below are some tributes by friends.

how did ronke funktional die

ronke funktional death

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