John Boyega wife:Hilarious story of his dad matchmaking

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John Boyega wife:The father of the 28-year-old Nigerian-born and British star wars actor,is on a mission to find him a wife.Boyega shared an interesting message he received from his dad who is in search of a wife for him.
If you are African,you will understand what it is with parents and how desperate they get when you haven't gotten married at a certain age.

Talking about his dad's actions,the star wrote- ''My dad randomly text me "Bamidele what is your type" this man is in Nigeria putting in the work during this Rona.'' he wrote
See more of the conversation below as Boyega relays everything to a friend.. 
star wars actor John Boyega wife

He shared this message from his dad praying for God to bless him with a woman like his mum.

john boyega parents wants to see his wife

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