Letter To A Celestial Body:poetry

Letter To A Celestial Body:poetry

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Letter To A Celestial Body
How often do you listen to people's thoughts?
Do you bother replying them or help solve their issues?
Are you tired of them only remembering you when they're at their lowest?
Does anyone share their happy thoughts with you?

Has anyone ever praised you in lines and stanzas?

Have you ever relied on anything for you to keep hanging up there?
I know it's lonely for you there,
Though surrounded by a million stars, you're still alone.

I know how it feels to bottle up one's emotions,
Keep being the rock everyone leans on
But what about us?
Whom do we lean on?

Are you jealous that everyone else has it good when you don't?
Perhaps, are you comfortable with your current position?
Don't you want to know what happiness feels like?
Don't you want to let your facade down and just be you?

Do you notice when someone's thinking of you?
How easily you've become the silent listener,
Don't you also have something to say?
Perhaps, you're busy because you're the light which guides people out of the dark.

I'm thinking of you,
Writing a poem for you;
It's hypocritic though, I just told you of my problems hoping you'll reply me.
I wrote this in daylight, I'll read it to you when it's nighttime.
©️ Adeyinka A. Ayomitide (Ayusco)
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