6 Mikel Obi facts,house,parents,wife,net worth

6 Mikel Obi facts,house,parents,wife,net worth

mikel obi biography,parents,net worth,daughters,children,house,
John Mikel Obi the Nigerian footballer who played for Chelsea Fc,is one of the most popular stars to come out of Nigeria.We reveal a few facts with this biography,about his net worth,wife,house,children,parents,salary,etc,that you might not have known about previously,enjoy.

1. Born John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, popularly known as Mikel Obi.He recently left his Turkish club,Trabzonspor after a disagreement over the covid 19 virus.Mikel felt they should have stopped playing for the safety of the players and their families,but the club insisted they carry on.He
then said he would not play if called on.This led to a mutual agreement with the club that they terminate his contract.
He is one of the most respected players from Africa though,so you can be guaranteed he will be playing for a top club once the football season gets under way after the corona virus issue.

2. Mikel was born on the 22nd of April 1987. In Jos, Plateau State, the northern part of Nigeria. He is 32 years of age.
mikel obi with his mother an father
with his wife,parents and kids

3. Obi started his official football career at the early age of 12 after he was picked as a talented football over 3,000 young talents to play in Pepsi Academy. He was picked to play for top-flight club "Plateau United" a club that developed stars like Celestine Babayaro, Chris Obodo and Victor Obinna amongst others that are making waves in European Leagues.
mikel obi with his wife olga and children twins
4. Mikel is the father of two children who he had with his Russian wife,Olga Diyachenko.She has a love hate relationship with Mikel's Nigerian fans,as she believes they are not happy with him marrying a white woman.
An example of this was her outburst when Mikel was still playing in Turkey.There had been rumours that she threatened to quite their relationship if he remained in Turkey.
The fans then picked on her for this,saying she is not supportive of her husband and does not love him.
Here is Olga's reply-“You warned him not to marry a white woman. These says a lot about majority of mine and Mikel’s followers, hate liking is your full time job.
“Looks like most of you are only happy when you hear that someone else isn’t doing well. Well done! You guys are real winners in life.
inside john mikel obi house pictures

inside Mikel Obi house

mikel obi house
Outside his magnificent house.
5. Mikel received the Silver Ball Award after being voted as the second best player for the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championships held in Netherlands. At just 18 year old, Mikel was signed to Manchester United with a transfer fee with over £4 million.

6-Mikel Obi net worth is said to be $57.Not surprising considering the clubs he had played for and the huge salaries he has received over the years.Hr was had a salary of £6 a year!

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