DJ Cuppy names 2 men she has ever loved

DJ Cuppy names 2 men she has ever loved

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DJ Cuppy boyfriend has always been a hot topic on social media.The celeb is an eligible bachelorette,being the daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola.She has also had a few high profile boyfriends.
So,it was always gonna make the news when the 27 year old popular DJ took to social
media to announce that she had only ever loved 2 men in her life,her father and her cousin,a Jason Prince Otedola.But what about her brother?Cuppy does have a younger brother named Fewa.It must have skipped her mind.
Amyway,Nigerians could not resist reacting to Cuppy's latest revelation about her boyfriends.Here are a few reactions.

DJ Cuppy boyfriend

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