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Lepacious Bose celebrates new look at Birthday Party

Lepacious Bose  birthday party. Comedian Lepacious Bose marked her  birthday this past weekend with family and friends. She had a th...


Lepacious Bose's weight loss and new look steals show at party!

Lepacious Bose's weight loss shows that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.The comedienne Bose must pinch her self...


Lepacious Bose has first photoshoot after weight loss and looks Hottttt!

Lepacious Bose weight loss. Lepacious Bose shines in her first official photoshoot with BellaNaija. The stand-up comedienne was looking r...


OMG! Lepacious Bose is half the woman she used to be after weight loss!

It's nice to see one of our celebrities taking care of their health and being sensible.Next thing,you will star seeing Lepac...