Lepacious Bose has first photoshoot after weight loss and looks Hottttt!

Lepacious Bose has first photoshoot after weight loss and looks Hottttt!

drastic weight loss pictures of Nigerian comedian Lepacious Bose
Lepacious Bose weight loss.
Lepacious Bose shines in her first official photoshoot with BellaNaija. The stand-up comedienne was looking really trim and shapely in this photo which she shared on her Instagram page. It is so amazing to think that less than a year ago, she was twice this size. Amazing!See more photos after the cut..

Lepacious Bose wrote on her instagram page:

#And so finally I did my first official photoshoot and picture release since this weight loss story started. All thanks to my darling PR consultant @empresshayjay she practically dragged me to the shoot because I was so nervous and scared..... But the result I love, what do y'all think?

Yes, people, what do you think?

Well Bose we think you look fabulous,keep up the good work.Losing weight is not just a vanity thing,the most important reason is for your health,as one is at risks of so many things like diabetes,heart disease,stroke,heart attack,hypertension,Knee replacement,hips replacement and on and on...I just hope Eniola Badmus will follow suit.I saw Eniola's picture when she was younger and smaller and she was so beautiful,even now she is pretty,can you imagine what she will bring out if she loses weight? Plus she will be healthier and eliminate so many risks that being over weight brings.

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