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Meet the woman who only dates married men!

Woman who only dates married men. Married men who cheat. Should this article be about them or the lady who unashamedly admits to dating...


WTF??Man jailed in London for using wife as Maid???

I am sure a lot of wives around the world will see this and think,my husband should be jailed as well. London's Woolwich Crown Court...


2ft 7 and 3 ft 4 couple miss out on Guinness World Record for world's smallest married couple.

A couple have just missed out on the Guinness World Record for world's smallest married couple.  Pramod Kumar, 47, finally found lov...


Why Emir Sanusi Lamido is wrong to Punish Divorcing Couples

Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Wants Kano state Govt to punish people who leave their marriages for flimsy excuses. I like the new  Emir of...


Nigeria Child Bride-Beaten,Battered,Married,A runaway,Divorced&Only 14 yrs Old!

Maimuna,Child bride at 13,beaten ,battered and divorced at 14! Nigeria has one of the highest child bride rates in the world! Some...