Why Emir Sanusi Lamido is wrong to Punish Divorcing Couples

Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Wants Kano state Govt to punish people who leave their marriages for flimsy excuses.
Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Wants Kano state Govt to punish people who leave their marriages for flimsy excuses.

I like the new Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido a lot.He is a very intelligent man and when he speaks i'm always enthralled by him.I would gladly have voted for Sanusi Lamido to be the President of Nigeria.But one thing that people have always held against him are his extreme
religious beliefs,i don't know how far that is true.But then again no one is perfect.Cos the latest thing i heard Sanusi Lamido allegedly say is a total no go in my books.
Apparently Emir Lamido is worried by the high rise of divorce in Kano State and wants the state government to implement a law that punishes those that divorce or leave their partners on flimsy excuses!

Thats probably the most ridiculous thing i have heard in a while! How can you force someone to stay in a marriage? If someone wants to leave a marriage,no matter what reason they state,its their own prerogative.What might be flimsy for you might not be for someone else.You can't go about implementing laws forcing people to stay together.That will be even worse.When you have two unhappy people living together,what do you hope to achieve?They might even end up killing each other.There is bad vibe in the air and it is not good for the family or the children.

Sanusi comes from the old school and is very religious.He also comes from the old school where you can arrange marriages and fix people together.Times are changing,people wanna choose their own partners now.Forcing or arranging a marriage is  no diferent to being in a prison.
Many parts of Nigeria and Africa,even Asian and Arab countries are still engaging in this act,but from those who experienced it,especially the women,it was not a happy time,they only resigned themselves to their fates
Emir Sanusi Lamido should ask himself for a second,will he want his unhappy or abused daughter to stay in a marriage?But then again maybe he might not consider this flimsy.It will be interesting to know what Emir Lamido considers to be flimsy reason to leave a marriage.Even if the reason was flimsy like i don't like the colour of your hair,once a party says they are leaving,there is no love in the union.Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder.It is when a party wants to leave a marriage or relationship they start looking for flimsy excuses.If you were in love and happy,you will not leave the marriage or union.
However i agree with the Emir that high divorce rates in Kano,Nigeria or where ever should be worrying as it is no good for the kids and family.

What can then be suggested is,every couple that wants to end their marriage should be compelled to go to therapy for 6months at special designated government centres.After these sessions,if one of the parties or both still wanna end the marriage,then all and well.Surely this makes more sense than forcing you to stay in a marriage like the days of slavery isn't it?
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