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Amazing st Andrews day facts you never knew

We all know every St Andrews day always falls on November 30 of every year,2016 included.But do you know why?The reason is because he wa...


Scottish Boy collapse in plane after wearing 12 layers of clothes to avoid excess Luggage!

This is the funniest thing ever! When taking the easy way out turns out to be the dangerous way out! This is an incredible story of how ...


Scottish health worker infected with Ebola transferred to London

The infected woman being transferred in the early hours of Tuesday morning. A health worker who was diagnosed with Ebola after returnin...


Nicky Minaj's Outrageous 9 COSTUME CHANGES @MTVema Awards! (pics)

Nicky Minaj is a lady who always makes a bang,but at the MTV ema awards last night,Minaj made an EXPLOSION! She had the craziest ruffl...


Heavily Pregnant Alicia Keys thrills MTV EMA crowd in Glasgow!(pics)

Alicia Keys brought her expected child to the MTV EMA awards last night in Scotland to give the child a taste of what mummy does .Heavi...


Meet The Young Fathers who won the Mercury Music Prize!

The young fathers,Edinburgh based band who won the Mercury Prize. An Edinburgh-based trio Young Fathers won the Mercury Prize on wednes...


Scotland Vote NO to Independence! The Kingdom is still United!

Scotland Vote NO to Independence! Scotland says NO to Independence! I could have eggs on my face in the morning when i wake


Racists Thug caught on Camera calling man Black bastard jailed for 10months!

Racist Francis Muir on the attack as his victim tries to defend himself from shocking street violence A racist t...