Sunday, 20 September 2015

50 cent cracks me up in Transgender dig at Puffy!

50 cent picture with transgender man

50 cent picture with transgender man starts debate.
50 cent is something else,the guy can be really funny at times.I think he should really consider a career in comedy as an actor or writer.So here's the gist.50 cent took a picture with this transgender man.In the picture you can see Young Buck staying far away,cos he wants no piece of the action.50 cent with nothing to hide and worry about ,takes a picture
closer with the transgender,i totally dig that.
Now social media as you will expect,starts the inquisition,all sorts of comments about the 50 cent picture with the transgender.Some of the comments funny and some not so funny.
So here comes the ebst part,50 cent's response and he said...

"Why wouldn't I take this picture? I have taken pictures with puffy too. 

That is just so priceless! I am still laughing.50 cent has always said Puffy or Diddy was i guess he is having that old dig at him again..really funny comment. 


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