Friday, 25 September 2015

Akpabio dispels animosity by saying Buhari called him in London Hospital.

Godwill Akpabio flew into Nigeria a couple of days ago from his UK trip where he went for treatment following his car accident.
While trying to dispel rumors that he is a sworn enemy of President Buhari,Akpabio said President Buhari actually reached out to him by telephone.
"Let me place on record the support of Pres. Buhari who did something extraordinary. President Buhari called the hospital that I was in London. He
called the hospital line, and said put me through to the Minority Leader of the Senate,Akpabio who is in your hospital. And they connected him. The room number was Room 215. And he spoke with me.
He said, Akpabio we are praying for you. Insha Allah, it shall be well with you.” Akpabio said at a programme to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the state.
He also narrated talked about the accident
 “When that accident happened, I was rushing in the morning to join my daughter who was ill in her school abroad and when it happened I lost consciousness and all I shouted was God take care of my children and my people,”he said

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