Monday, 7 September 2015

Aso Villa Chapel will not be shut down and never was!

Aso Villa chapel news

The long going rumour that the Aso Villa chapel at Aso Rock had been closed down was today quashed when a service was held and the presiding Reverend confirmed that they were never at a time shaut down and would not be shut down.I guess the rumour started because President Buhari who was now the main man was a muslim .But Osinbajo the VP is a christian and surely they would not take a decision like that without his consideration.And besides it just does not make sense.There are many people who work in
Aso Rock and who are in government who worship there at the Aso Villa Chapel,so why should the chapel be shut down? Anyway,we are glad that it has officially been clarified. Pictures below are from service which took place on sunday 6th September at the Aso Chapel Villa.
Recently there was rumor that the Aso Villa Chapel has been closed down. We didn't report it because we knew it was a rumor and there had been no concrete evidence to show that the chapel had been closed down.


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