Tuesday, 29 September 2015

August Alsina openly gropes girl fan onstage!

August Alsina touches girl onstage

August Alsina groped a girl fan on stage in a move that has shocked the world of music fans.
During a performance,Alsina invited a fan on stage during his performance in Baton Rouge over weekend and to everyone's surprise, he began groping the woman, rubbing and squeezing her,hands all over the place,it was shocking,embarrassing and weird! All i can say is Alsina must have been stoned beyond his station.Cos to do that live on stage with the
whole world watching is just kind of crazy!
An even crazier thing is,the girl fan Alsina was groping sat down there squirming but not moving.How she did not get up and give him a slap is beyond my understanding.At the very least,the girl fan should have got off that chair and left August Alsina looking like a fool that he is.

The groping has generated so much discussion online.Most of the onlookers have criticized Alsina's actions while a very few fools have thought otherwise.
This is the best picture that looks anything decent that i could put up here,anything more would have been bothering on something else.But if you care for it,you can find the video of August Alsina groping the girl fan onstage. 


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