Monday, 7 September 2015

Biodun Okeowo caught up in another messy scandal with Owomabo!

Biodun Okeowo scandal

Biodun Okeowo and Kunle Adegbite.
Nigerian celebrities can't seem to stay away from scandals.Especially the female.Popular Yoruba actress Biodun Okeowo well known as Omo Butty is the latest to be caught up.Actually Biodun Okeowo seems to be making this a regular
feature now.Less than 6 months ago,Biodun Okeowo was involved in a lesbian scandal with another actress Adediwura Gold.This time its a man who the Omo Butty actress has been linked in a messy saga with.
It was all exposed and played out on social media instagram.Apparently Biodun Okeowo was seeing this guy known as Owomabo on instagram some time ago.But at the same time,Biodun was seeing actor Kunle Adegbite.So she was cutting shows,hmmm.Kunle Adegbite got to know about Biodun Okeowo and Owomabo and reportedly slapped her at a party in Ijebu Ode.
For some reason not explained,Biodun and Owomabo stopped seeing each other.But men being
men,Owomabo wanted to renew the relationship,and that was where katakata burst!
Biodun Okeowo denied they ever had a thing and was upset when she heard from some quarters that they were an ite.Owomabo insisted they did,and released some chats of him and Biodun ages ago.
Some of the chats suggested he sent Biodun some money.It's all messy really and a shame that they had to play this out publicly.Owomabo said some really nasty things to Biodun Okeowo that i cannot even repeat.But you can see the screen shots yourself below....


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