Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bloodshed if Dele Momodu is not made Ooni of Ife warns Pastor!

 Ghanaian based Nigerian pastor warns of Bloodshed if Dele Momodu is not made Ooni of Ife!
What kind of irresponsible Pastor comes out with utterance such as this?He is actually advocating violence1 i am not sure if Dele Momodu has made any remarks concerning this.Dele Momodu is very active on social media so he definitely has seen this broadcast and if he has not made an immediate statement disowning any association with this fake pastor and condemning the statement,i will be very disappointed!
The deluded Ghanaian based Nigerian pastor says that Ovation publisher Dele Momodu, is
the one whom God has ordained to ascend the throne of Ife as the Ooni.

The pastor was simply identified as Pastor Paul.Maybe its a crank call or something,either way,i expect Dele Momodu to have made a quick condemning of this statement,like i said earlier,i am not sure he has or not.

Meanwhile,respected journalist,Bayo Onanuga had this to say on the matter in a series of tweets...

See Bayo Onanug's tweets after the cut:

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