Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Bridge railings robber arrested in Costain,Lagos.

Bridge railings thieves in Nigeria.I feel so strongly about this crime that i will easily jail this perpetrator for 30 years and not think twice about it! Apart from being such a terrible eye sore when you drive past these bridges and you see all the railings have been removed,it is a terrible danger to lives,you're on those bridges and there is nothing preventing the vehicles from toppling over. Because these wicked
people have removed all the bridge railings and used them to make spoons and all sorts! Sad thing is they have been doing this for over 30 years! You would have thought our clueless authorities would have found a solution to stop this happening,be it through cameras installed on every bridge or something.Its not as if we have millions of bridges,so what is it gonna take to install mini cameras to monitor these bridges?
One man has been arrested in Lagos,but looking at him,he probably works for a bigger 

doesn't look like a man who can afford 3 square meals a day to me.

Musa Inuwa, 32, a member of a 3-man gang who specializes in stealing bridges’ rails, was arrested on Sept. 14, at about 2.30 a.m. at Costain area, Lagos. They’re in the habit of cutting the bridge railings of highway bridges, which are meant to save lives, into small sizes before selling them off at Ijora and Oyingbo markets.
Their activities have seen many bridges, including Third Mainland Bridge, Carter, Stadium, Ojuelegba and Fadeyi Bridges not having the protective rails. The federal and state governments have spent millions of Naira to replace the rails so as to save people from falling off the bridges but these men have constantly removed the railings! Can you blame them though? If you keep going to a house to steal,and they still don't lock their gates or doors,won't you keep going back?Apart from corruption,the biggest problem in Nigeria is maintenance. 


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