Monday, 21 September 2015

Children of Mr & Mrs Ekpo who were killed by police officer Musiliu Aremu.

Oh my God! Look at these poor kids..such beautiful kids,have lost their mother due to an unruly Nigerian policeman.These are the children of Mrs Ekpo who was killed by policeman Musiliu Aremu for not giving him a bribe.
Pictured above are the four children(12, 9,7 and 11 months old) of Mrs Idongesit Ekpo, the wife of a tricycle rider who was allegedly shot dead by a trigger happy police officer Aremu Musiliu while he attempted to extort bribe from the tricycle rider, Godwin Ekpo at the Obalagbe bus stop in Isheri Osun in Lagos state last week. More photos after the cut...

Godwin was returning home from church with his wife, their 11 month old baby Elijah and their other three children when they were flagged down by a group of police men attached to the Isheri Ogun Police Division in Lagos.
Narrating what happened, the deceased woman's 9 year old daughter said
"When we were coming back from church, as we were going police stopped our daddy. Our daddy stopped and parked his Marwa(tricyle) in one place. As my daddy came outside to discuss with the police, my mummy also came out to discuss with the police. After they finished discussing, they tried entering the motor. My daddy first entered the Marwa. As my mummy now want to enter the marwa. the police shot my mummy in her head. The bullet now entered her head and came out and affect my daddy. They carried my daddy to general hospital. After blood now start rushing from my mummy's head. My mummy fell on the floor with the baby. One man now came and carried the baby from my mummy"she said

It was wrongly reported that the husband and father,Mr Ekpo was killed as well,it's been since clarified that he survived his injuries.

Meanwhile the late woman's family are demanding for justice. Godwin Ekpo, husband of the deceased pictured with the bandage wrapped around his face.

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  1. We are praying for the family. God will speak thru men for you.